Early Years Programmes

The school developed its own curriculum based on the UK’s “Early Years Foundation Stage” curriculum. It is an integrated approach to care and education which is play based, following the interest of the children.



Our Playhouse is a fantastic place for your child to take his or her first steps on the educational ladder and to learn how to interact with other children in a safe space. We believe in a holistic approach to the teaching of young children, an approach that encompasses all their needs at this crucial early stage of their development.


From 3 years of age, we maintain a teacher-pupil ratio of 1:8. This low ratio enables us to support your child as he or she develops more advanced social skills by participating in small group activities.

Our foundation classes are designed to prepare children for their first year in primary school. At this stage, we help them to build the foundations for their future academic experiences and to satisfy their curiosity by learning new concepts.

Our Curriculum’s framework ensures a consistent approach to care, learning and development and enables educators to plan the learning that is appropriate for each child at every stage of their development through a range of activities. The aim of EYFS is to help children achieve the five outcome of the “EVERY CHILD MATTERS” principle.

Enabling Environment

A rich and varied environment supports children’s learning and development, and gives them the confidence to explore and learn in a secure, safe, yet stimulating environment.

All our rooms are fully equipped with creative and educational activities to encourage development and stimulate children to develop interpersonal skills. Children will be engaged in our planned activities relevant to their age group.It provides them with opportunity and the means to learn independently to be able to explore their interests, understanding and perception of the world.

Our early years practitioners, who are dedicated to a career in early learning, have a responsibility to offer the children in our care this kind of environment, both indoors and outdoors where they are able to access resources independently, pursue their own interests and be supported in these.

The following are some example of our “enabling environment”

Creative Area

This area is full of resources that children need to create and make whatever they want. We provide materials that are age and stage development appropriate. Creative activities help to promote physical, emotional, social language and cognitive development, it also develop children’s creativity and imagination.

Pretend play Area

Pretend or imaginative play allows children to assume a variety of roles and is important for development of imagination and language. It promotes social and emotional development by encouraging social interaction and communication thereby adding a boost to their confidence.

Construction Area

Construction materials are important for children’s development and understanding of mathematics, science and perception of their environment. They promote physical and social development in terms of cooperation and language development, most importantly positive play experiences.

Quiet Area

The quiet area has a relaxed atmosphere, the children have access to listening resources and books. Here the children acquire good book handling knowledge such as reading from left to right, top to bottom and how to turn pages properly.

Knowledge and Understanding Area

Children should be involved in the practical application of their knowledge and skills which will promote self- esteem by allowing them to make decisions about what to investigate and how to do it. They will be supported in developing the knowledge skills and understanding that will help them make sense of the world.


Snack Time

Our snack area has tables, chairs, water jugs, cups and books on food recipes. Children eat together, and good eating habits are encouraged in this area.

Sensory Area

All the children benefit from a dedicated sensory area. This area has many elements which encourage the child’s senses through a soothing and stimulating environment.

Outdoor Area

Outdoor space is an extension of the indoor provision, it offers opportunities for sand, water, construction, creative and imaginative play. Sand and water play gives children the opportunity for experimenting and helps them to test out many mathematical and scientific concepts.

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